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Get Paid for Your Time: Participate in Clinical Trials as a Volunteer

paid clinical trials for healthy volunteers nj

Are You Healthy and Interested in Earning Extra Income?

Paid clinical trials are an excellent way for healthy volunteers in New Jersey to earn money while also contributing to medical research and potentially helping future generations. If you're curious about participating in paid clinical trials for healthy volunteers in New Jersey, here are some things you should know.

Pain Points Related to Paid Clinical Trials

One concern that many potential participants have about clinical trials is the potential for side effects or risks. However, all clinical trials are carefully monitored by medical professionals, and the risks are minimized as much as possible. Before you participate in a trial, you will be given a detailed informed consent document that explains all the potential risks and benefits.

Target of Paid Clinical Trials

The target of paid clinical trials for healthy volunteers in New Jersey is to test the safety and effectiveness of new medications and treatments. These trials are conducted by pharmaceutical companies, research institutions, and hospitals. Volunteers aged 18 or older who are in good health and meet certain eligibility criteria are invited to participate.


Paid clinical trials for healthy volunteers in New Jersey offer a unique opportunity to earn extra income while supporting medical research. These trials are carefully monitored by medical professionals, and the risks are minimized as much as possible. If you are interested in participating in a clinical trial, be sure to research different opportunities and find one that is right for you.

Paid Clinical Trials for Healthy Volunteers in New Jersey


Paid clinical trials provide opportunities for healthy individuals to participate in medical research and contribute to the development of new treatments. New Jersey is home to numerous research institutions and pharmaceutical companies that conduct paid clinical trials. This article aims to provide an overview of the process involved in participating in paid clinical trials in New Jersey.

Eligibility Criteria

To qualify for paid clinical trials, healthy volunteers must meet certain eligibility criteria, such as:

  • Age range specified by the trial
  • Good overall health
  • No history of significant medical conditions
  • No current or recent use of certain medications
  • Stable body weight and blood pressure

Types of Clinical Trials

Paid clinical trials can vary in type and duration:

  • Phase I Trials: Smaller studies that evaluate safety and dosage
  • Phase II Trials: Larger studies that assess effectiveness
  • Phase III Trials: Even larger studies that compare new treatments to existing ones
  • Observational Studies: Non-interventional studies that follow participants over time

Trial Locations

Numerous research institutions and pharmaceutical companies in New Jersey conduct paid clinical trials:

  • Rutgers University: Clinical trials conducted at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School and other university sites
  • Hackensack University Medical Center: Comprehensive cancer center with paid clinical trial opportunities
  • NNJ Clinical Research: Independent clinical research center offering various trials
  • ICON plc: Global CRO with a research center in Princeton
  • Covance: Global CRO with facilities in Piscataway and Edison

Benefits of Participation

Participating in paid clinical trials offers several benefits:

  • Financial Compensation: Volunteers receive payments for their time and participation
  • Free Medical Care: All trial-related medical care, including exams and procedures, is provided free of charge
  • Advancement of Medicine: Contributions help advance the development of new medical treatments
  • Access to Cutting-Edge Therapies: Volunteers may have access to promising treatments before they become widely available

Risks Involved

While clinical trials are generally safe, there are potential risks:

  • Side Effects: Medications or procedures involved in trials may have side effects
  • Unexpected Events: Rare, unforeseen events can occur
  • Unproven Treatments: Some trials involve experimental treatments that may not be proven effective

Informed Consent

Before enrolling in a paid clinical trial, potential volunteers must provide informed consent. This involves:

  • Understanding the trial's purpose, risks, and benefits
  • Reviewing the study protocol
  • Discussing the trial with their healthcare provider
  • Signing a consent form after all questions are answered

Process Steps

Generally, the process of participating in a paid clinical trial involves:

  • Screening: Meeting with study coordinators to determine eligibility
  • Medical Examination: Undergoing a physical exam, blood tests, and other assessments
  • Randomization: Assignment to a specific treatment group within the trial
  • Trial Activities: Attending scheduled appointments for treatment, monitoring, and check-ups
  • Compensation: Receiving payments for time and participation


Paid clinical trials in New Jersey offer opportunities for healthy individuals to contribute to medical research and access potential treatments. By understanding the eligibility criteria, benefits, risks, and informed consent process, prospective volunteers can make informed decisions about participating.


1. How much can I get paid for participating in a clinical trial?

Payment varies depending on the trial's design, duration, and level of involvement.

2. Do clinical trials cover travel expenses?

Some trials may offer reimbursement for travel expenses, but it varies case by case.

3. What happens if I have a side effect during a clinical trial?

Study staff will monitor participants for side effects and provide appropriate medical care if any occur.

4. Can I withdraw from a clinical trial at any time?

Yes, volunteers have the right to withdraw from a trial at any time, for any reason.

5. How can I find out about paid clinical trials in New Jersey?

Check with research institutions, pharmaceutical companies, and clinical research centers to inquire about ongoing trials.

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